The Scholarship Committee establishes, maintains, promotes, grows and awards our scholarships. The committee also works closely with many other IllinoisLLAA committees and members, as its purpose is tightly correlated with the core foundation of our purpose.



The Fundraising Committee creates and coordinates all fundraising activities, develop methods for supplementing dues-related income, and execute at least one fundraising event every quarter. From Sox games and Facebook fundraisers to Salsa Happy Hours and Comedy shows, they operate to have fun for a cause.


Programming & Membership

The Programming Committee implements networking and fellowship activities for our members, UIUC students and their families and UIUC staff.

The Membership Committee works to achieve sustainable growth for IllinoisLLAA by increasing and retaining professional, student and associate members. Additionally, this committee’s mandate is to facilitate within existing members a sense of belonging and engagement, and – working with other relevant committees as assigned by the Board of Directors – to provide opportunities for members to contribute to IllinoisLLAA substantively, not just financially. Furthermore, the Membership/Recruitment Committee will advocate on behalf of IllinoisLLAA to generate public support and awareness for the organization and its goals.


Community Involvement

The Community Involvement Committee identifies and enables opportunities for IllinoisLLAA to exert a positive influence in the development of communities associated with the University and with the University’s Latina/Latino alumni.



The Legal/Bylaws Committee assists the Board of Directors in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities and helps IllinoisLLAA achieve its purposes through effective governance and management. The Legal Committee reviews IllinoisLLAA’s governance policies and procedures; general management, legislative, legal and regulatory compliance and other such matters as the Board of Directors may from time to time determine. They also are responsible for reviewing, drafting and amending the current bylaws and create procedures by which future members can choose to amend or change bylaws language or content.



The History Committee supports activities that research, highlight and present the history of Latinas/Latinos at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in various forms. The history of Latina/Latinos at the University of Illinois is a multifaceted experience that demonstrates the challenges, accomplishments and prosperity of individuals and organizations who have emphasized academic excellence and community leadership throughout the years.



The Nominations Committee convenes as needed for determining when elections will be held, to verify how many vacancies will need to be filled during said elections and to establish the criteria and requirements for candidates to be approved by the Board of Directors.

UIUC Relations

The UIUC Relations Committee is the primary liaison with the University’s Champaign-Urbana campus contacts. The committee identifies and prepares IllinoisLLAA members to act as IllinoisLLAA ambassadors at events, meetings or other gatherings that are University of Illinois specific.

"Asi Nos Unimos, Nuestra Victoria" by Oscar Martinez, originally painted in 1975 at 510 East Chalmers, Champaign, Il, the original home of La Casa, the Latino cultural center at the University of Illinois.


The Communications Committee is responsible for developing and implementing comprehensive communications and marketing plans to further IllinoisLLAA’s mission, goals and visibility. Branding, web updates, email blasts, social media management and official external communication are all part of the committee’s duties.