Roots & Wings: LLAA’s 10 Year Anniversary Gala

Saturday, February 23rd, 2019
6pm to 12am
Room 1520
1520 W Fulton Blvd, Chicago, IL 60607-1004

We have been building roots for 10 years. Picnics, panels and Soirees to Scholarships and Galas. Last year we raised $15,000 plus.  Affording us the ability to offer a $2,000 scholarship last year and contribute to our endowment fund surpassing $35,000.  It is our responsibility to continue to equip our UIUC students with wings to their graduation.

Join us in launching our challenge to raise $10,000 this year. To honor our 10 year legacy we will award two $5,000 scholarships!

At the Roots & Wings Gala let us give tribute to our past speakers and board members that have laid the foundation to a new vision: members growing their self worth. That worth giving power to our impact locally, nationally, and internationally.

This year’s keynote speaker representing Wings in our theme this year is Cristina Pacione Zayas who led an effort through the Puerto Rican Agenda to organize relief efforts. She literally spoke with people on the  phone who could commit their planes, pallets, and resource to fly them to Puerto Rico. She lays out policy agendas that demand a fundamental respect for early childhood in the name of equity. Not to mention that UIUC in her alma mater for her BA, MS, and PhD. Wings, wings, wings!


Sylvia Puente was a student activist in the 70s at UIUC. Her efforts in collaboration with others led to the creation of more programming for Latinx students and the creation of La Casa Cultural Latina. She now leads the Latino Policy Forum (LPF) that shapes policy for Education, Housing, Immigration, and Leadership both locally and nationally.

As a part of LPF’s priorities, the Multicultural Leadership Program brings black and brown leaders together across Chicago to find common policy and social impact agendas.

She is now launching the third cohort. LLAA poderosa rooted us in the leadership landscape of Chicago and the nation changing how policy advances Latinx communities. Sylvia is a part of our Roots to Latinx leadership.