2017 - 2018

Kevin F Garcia

Kevin Garcia is a freshman ambitiously planning to complete a dual-degree in psychology and business within three years, and possibly seek a master’s degree after. His family has inspired him to follow their footsteps as entrepreneurs while also pursuing his drive to research in psychology. Going into college as a DACA student and all the difficulties that comes with that status has impelled him to work into changing a system that impedes many capable undocumented students from attaining higher education. He has become secretary and director of social media for I-CAUSE (Illinois – Coalition Assisting Undocumented Student’s Education), an RSO in UIUC that works to help undocumented students attain a college education through guidance. They also hosts trainings for staff and faculty so that they know how to help these students, while also raising awareness and clearing misconceptions. In the future, he plans to expand this assistance to community colleges and high schools by creating connections with those schools and creating trainings for their staff for guiding their undocumented students. Kevin wants to instill to his Latino/Latina community members that no matter what your goals are, “de que se puede, se puede”.


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Paola Padron (Graduate)
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2012 – 2013

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